Common Questions



Cartridge storage:

Store in a cool, dry place

DO NOT leave laser cartridges anywhere where heat can reach excessive levels–toner is heat-activated and plastic cartridge components can warp if overheated

Certain parts of laser cartridges are light-sensitive, so it is always a good idea to store cartridges inside their box or bag when not in use

Always store in a horizontal position


Before inserting cartridge:

Remove silver bag

Rock cartridge back & forth to distribute toner


After removing empty cartridge:

Place back into silver bag

Place in the box it came in

Store in a cool, dry place

Return to White & Toner 

Please do not write on your laser cartridge boxes.

 Instead, bring them back to White Ink & Toner and we will re-use them for your next refill!

How long will it take to refill my laser cartridge?

In general, refilling a cartridge in-house takes at least half an hour. That time may be longer or shorter depending on the cartridge and our current work load. For many of our most common cartridges, we keep a stock of ready-to-use remanufactured cartridges that we can swap for your empty at the refill price. Your empty cartridge must be in good working order in order to receive an immediate refill swap. You are always welcome to request that we fill your same cartridge as well–just make sure you can leave it with us for at least an hour.

How much money will I save by refilling my cartridge?

Refilling provides an average of a 30-40% savings versus the cost of buying an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridge. Your savings depends mostly on how long the cartridge has been on the market and the current market price of the OEM cartridge.

What is the difference between a refilled and a remanufactured laser cartridge?

Many internet dealers can sell their products very cheaply for two reasons. They either build a compatible cartridge from inferior, one-time-use materials or they refill an OEM cartridge using “drill-and-fill” methods. With drill-and-fill, a hole is drilled in the cartridge casing, the old toner is dumped out, and new toner is dumped in. White Ink & Toner, on the other hand, remanufactures your cartridge. We disassemble the cartridge, discard old toner, clean the cartridge, replace any worn parts, fill the cartridge with new toner, reassemble the cartridge, and perform a test-print if possible.

Do I get as much toner as a new cartridge?

Our toner comes in pre-measured bottles that are filled according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. A remanufactured laser cartridge should have a page yield comparable to an OEM product.

Why is there toner on my pages or inside my printer? Is my cartridge leaking?

Residual toner on the inside of the printer is a product of normal printer use. A leaking cartridge will leave toner on the papers you are printing. With laser cartridges, this often means that the waste bin is full. The waste bin holds toner that is left over after a page is printed. Bring any leaking cartridge back to White Ink & Toner as soon as possible, and we will empty the waste bin and check the cartridge at no charge.

How long are my cartridges good for?

White Ink & Toner guarantees its cartridges for 30 days with a valid receipt. Toner cartridges tend to last much longer on the shelf, but if they are stored beyond 30 days, the guarantee is no longer valid. To maximize cartridge quality, try to only keep cartridges on hand that you will use within 30 days, keep all cartridges upright, and avoid extremes of heat and cold when storing and transporting cartridges. We will always do our best to get your cartridge working, even if it is beyond our 30-day guarantee.

What is the difference between an OEM, a compatible, an outsourced, and a refilled cartridge?

OEM: Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is a new cartridge. Although OEM cartridges will show you your ink levels, they will also be your most expensive option. Cartridge manufacturers also require that you contact them directly if the cartridge is defective–we cannot take returns on defective OEM products.

Compatible: A generic cartridge from an independent manufacturer. Many compatible cartridges cannot be refilled, but they will be cheaper than buying OEM. Compatible cartridges are covered under our 30-day guarantee.

Outsourced: An OEM cartridge that has been refilled by an independent manufacturer. Most outsourced cartridges can be refilled and will be cheaper than an OEM cartridge but more expensive than a refill. Outsourced replacement cartridges are an excellent alternative to buying OEM when your empty ink cartridge is dried out, has bad electronics, or for some reason cannot be refilled. Outsourced cartridges are also covered under our 30-day guarantee.

Refill: Cartridges filled or remanufactured in-house by White Ink & Toner. This is usually your cheapest option. On many cartridges, we carry a stock of in-house refills and can swap out your empty to save you time. We are also happy to refill your same cartridges on request–this can take an hour or more depending on the type and condition of your cartridges and our current volume of orders.