Before Refilling

Bring your ink cartridges for refill as soon as possible after the ink runs out

Leaving a small amount of ink keeps the cartridge hydrated
Cartridges that sit empty will dry out

Keep empty cartridges upright during storage and transport
This keeps remaining ink next to the print head and prevents drying and contamination (mixing of colors)

Do not place tape over the cartridge print head;
The tape’s adhesive clogs the print head and removal can damage electronics

Transporting cartridges in a plastic bag will keep ink off your clothes and hands without damaging cartridges

We may refuse to attempt cartridges that have not been cared for properly

Filling Cartridges

May take 15-30 min or more depending on the cartridge type, size of the order, condition of the cartridge, and our current volume of orders

  • We will not attempt every cartridge, nor will we be successful in every refill attempt

We do not charge for attempted cartridges that do not work out

We carry many cartridges in a compatible or White Ink & Toner brand that may save you money versus new cartridges

We keep orders for 30 days. After that, they become property of White Ink & Toner

We do make reminder phone calls

After Refilling

Keep cartridges upright during transfer and storage

This keeps the ink next to the print head and prevents contamination (mixing of colors)

Do not expose cartridges to extreme heat or cold

Ink will expand inside the cartridge and leak, and previously heated/frozen cartridges will perform poorly

Remove the clip and protective tape before inserting cartridge

DO NOT remove the copper-colored electronic strip from the front of the cartridge! Your cartridge will not work, and we do not honor the warranty on cartridges with missing or damaged electronics

When reinstalled, most refilled cartridges will still read as “low ink” or have inaccurate ink levels

Press the printer’s “OK” or “Cancel” button to dismiss any ink level warning or “counterfeit cartridge” warnings and print as normal
Use the cartridge until print quality starts to decline, then bring it back for a refill

For best results, use refilled cartridges within 30 days of purchase.